Product Information


Ferric Phosphate or Metaldehyde.


Competitive efficacy demonstrated across the range of products.


Formulated product range meets efficacy & residue benchmarks for major European agricultural crops.

Our History

Doff Portland Ltd was established in 1946 in Nottingham England and developed some of the very earliest pesticide products for both crop & biocide control.

Doff specialise in slug control products. We pioneered some of the earliest Metaldehyde based products and were first to market with many award winning products.

GLP Technical Equivalence
Global Regulatory Expertise
Support in Dossier Preparations
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Maintaining over 70 years of history Doff Portland Ltd has grown into a world leading British manufacturer of slug control products distributing over 15,000 metric tonsper annum of molluscicides to over 43 countries worldwide.


Under the increasingly stringent pesticide regulatory requirements, the hurdles around demonstrating adequate protection of the environment and wildlife have increased. Doff has invested in the necessary studies and trials which demonstrate the safety of our product to the user, the environment and to wildlife.


Our UK manufacturing plant has the ability to formulate your specific active ingredient and strength. Assistance can be offered to ensure compliance by territory.Please contact us with your specific requirements.

Speak to us directly to see how we can help, or fill in the form and we’ll get right back to you.

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